On Track Solar can offer a variety of power-saving solutions for commercial entities, particularly for shopping centers, schools or universities, hospitals, hotels and large industrial and agricultural corporations – supplying photo-voltaic solar power as a comprehensive energy solution but is also able to provide solar water heating via thermodynamic solar geysers only as well as power for refrigeration. A thermodynamic solar geyser guarantees the availability of hot water 24/7, regardless of weather conditions. All these systems offer an economically attractive alternative to fossil-fuel based electricity generation.

A commercial solar installation for power supply, water heating or refrigeration allows businesses to save money as well as offering protection against increasing Eskom prices and fossil fuel price volatility as well as diversifying their energy portfolio. In South Africa, business owners are encouraged to employ renewable energy or alternative sources of power as part of Eskom’s demand side management process. This will help reduce the amount of electricity industry purchases from the grid, is a sustainable long-term solution and reduces the industry’s carbon footprint by decreasing it’s dependence on power derived from burning fossil fuels.

Savings and payback periods for a solar installation differ depending on the size of the system, the geographic location as well as sunlight hours in the relevant area. To utilise a solar system to its full potential, it is important to understand what the business’ power consumption and usage patterns are and the On Track Solar team will carefully monitor the existing profile (including peak power) and creating a reference power baseline to enable them to accurately design and supply the most efficient system for the specific site. In most cases, however, payback periods are less than 5 years, depending on usage and electricity prices that are being replaced

On Track Alternative Power also provides battery back-up solutions for all types of buildings – from holiday homes to office complexes to telecommunication facilities. The purpose of battery back-up systems is to make stored energy available from the batteries and thereby provides protection against local power utility outages, protection of electronic equipment and eliminates electronic interference. The battery back-up transitions seamlessly from operating on power supplied by the utility to the back-up system.

On Track Solar’s experienced team believes in providing the best system for your requirements, providing reliable solar energy, affordable supply and installation costs and payback periods together with seamless integration to your electrical network. On Track would be delighted to assist you in determining what type and size of system is best suited for your premises or business.






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On Track would be delighted to assist you in determining what type and size of system is best suited for your business. Please provide your details so that On Track can send you our easy to complete questionnaire, which allows us the opportunity to evaluate your requirements and provide you with a quote.
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